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Casino Expert Knowledge explained:

What does “game volatility” mean?



“In statistics, the word “volatility” is used to describe the fluctuation in a time series.”


But nobody really understands this definition… However, a successful casino player should know this term to avoid disappointment.

The term volatility is used to measure the size, but also the frequency of the wins on the game you play.

There are three types of game volatility:



Low game volatility


Low volatility banner


Games with lower volatility are ideal for beginners or players who just want to relax and enjoy the game of their choice. The wins are a bit lower on average, but they appear on a much more regular basis! 

Typical games low volatility are games i.e. "Sweet n 'Sour" or "Broker Bear Blast".


Sweet n Sour         Broker Bear



Average game volatility


Medium volatility banner


Medium volatility games are great for advanced players who are willing to risk more to get a higher profit. These games take a little longer to grant a win, but the win is higher compared to games with a low volatility! 

As an example, the games "Land of Heroes" and "Mighty Dragon" are mentioned here. These games have a medium volatility.


Land of Heroes         Mighty Dragon



High game volatility


High volatility banner


High volatility games guarantee a high payout, but it can take a long time to get that payout. For this reason, these games have a "PROFI" mark. Games of this kind are more suitable for experienced players, or players who are willing to take a high risk! Compared to games with a low or medium volatility, the winnings here are rarer, but that's why it's even higher! 

The games "Crystal Ball" and "Sceptre of Cleo" are examples of high volatility.


Crystal Ball         Sceptre of Cleo




The game volatility is not determined by us, but is rather programmed in the game. This ensures that every player - no matter if beginner or professional – gets the opportunity to find a game which will suit their needs. All professional games are marked so they are easily recognizable. As for the beginner games - we have set up a separate category, so that you can find them easily.


Have fun playing!!