Terms of use and general terms and conditions

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Version 1.4 | as of 12.01.2016

  1.     Jurisdiction
  2.     Choice of law, place of delivery and place of jurisdiction
  3.     Entry condition and completion of contract
  4.     Scope of service
  5.     Limitation of use
  6.     Termination
  7.     Payments
  8.     Conditions for winnings and bets
  9.     Account verification
  10.     Other agreements

OnlineCasino Deutschland AG (operator) operates the internet platform onlinecasino.de (internet platform) and the games and chances of winning money (games) offered there.

1 Jurisdiction

1.1 The general terms and conditions of the operator are valid for all agreements made between the operator and the user of this internet platform including its contents and services (player).

1.1.1 The general terms and condition relate also to contents which the operator and the player produce, make available or send in connection with this internet platform.

1.1.2 The general terms and conditions also relate to the methods of payment of sums of money by the player and the operator as well as the granting of concessions for first time players.

1.2 By using the internet platform the player accepts the version of the general terms and conditions at his time of use.

1.3 The operator does not recognise any terms of the user which oppose or deviate from the general terms and conditions unless he has expressly agreed to them in writing.


2 Choice of law, place of delivery and place of jurisdiction>

2.1 The rights and obligations of those who have entered into the agreement shall be governed exclusively according to the existing laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

2.2 Only natural persons can be considered as players (BGB §1)

2.3 Bautzen is agreed as the place of jurisdiction and place of delivery for all disputes.


3 Entry condition and completion of contract

3.1 An agreement is made between the two parties in the event that the player signs up to the internet platform and uses the contents and services offered there.

3.2 Each player is permitted to sign up to this internet platform just once. This is to maintain the uniqueness of the players e-mail address as well as their home address. Players who pen more than one account (for example in order to receive more bonuses) will be blocked. Any winnings and bonuses will be kept by the operator.

3.3 The player must use their own name and their own computer for signing up and for using the games on the internet platform.

3.4 The player is obliged to give all detail necessary for signing up and use of the internet platform to the operator in their entirety, in accordance with the regulations, and in particular, these must be accurate.

3.5 Participation in games on the internet platform is only permitted for those who are resident in a country where online gambling with the chance of winning money is allowed by law. Participation is forbidden to those who live in a country where online gambling with the chance of winning money is forbidden by law. In such cases, gambling is illegal. With the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, there are currently no licences for online gambling in any of the Federal states of Germany. Participation in gambling is forbidden for anyone who is resident in these Federal states. Those who take part in online gambling from these states are gambling illegally.

3.6 Participation in the games on the internet platform is allowed only for players who are 18 years of age or players who are of the minimum age for participation in their current legal place of residence.

3.7 The operator can limit certain players’ access to certain services and contents or impose additional conditions on them. A player has no claim to participation in games.

3.8.All payments may take place exclusively for the purpose of participation in games and not violate legal requirements (for example money laundering;  concealment of illegally acquired assets amongst other things)

3.9 If the player transfers files, texts or similar things to the internet platform of the operator, they give the operator gratuitous right of use. Because the files, texts and other similar things are transferred by the player, the copyright of third parties is not infringed upon

3.10 The operator has the right to bar a player from participation in proven instances of misuse.

3.11 The operator reserves the right to suspend services at will and at their own discretion and with immediate effect and without prior notice, to modify, to remove and/or to add to these. The operator cannot be made liable for such actions.


4 Scope of service

4.1 The scope of individual services which should be provided by the operator results from the current offer, as well as these conditions.

4.2 The services and contents offered on the internet platform are available in a fair and reasonable scope in line with the current level of technology.

4.3 The operator does not make any guarantee of permanent availability, faultless function of the service and contents or the accuracy of the information on the internet platform. This applies in particular to technical facilities of the internet which are independent of the internet platform of the operator.

4.4 The player bears sole responsibility for the technical device they use for access to the internet and for using the internet platform of the operator.


5 Limitation of use

5.1 It is forbidden for participants in games to use computer programmes (so called Robots or Bots) which substitute for the actions of the player, to create profiles for the games or other players on the internet platform or to influence the games on the internet platform of the operator in whichever way (particularly for the purposes of fraud) without permission. OnlineCasino-Deutschland is obliged by law to notify supervisory authorities of any infringements by passing on details of the account user and player details, as well as to terminate the account with immediate effect. Any balance the account my hold, as well as winnings and bonuses will be kept by the operator.

5.2 Furthermore it is forbidden to convert the machine code of the programme used by the operator into a clear source code (decompile) or to reverse engineer it.

5.3 Players on the internet platform may not act together with other players.

5.4 Players may not allow themselves to be replaced by others and particularly not by several other persons.

5.5 The player may not cause malfunction or disturbance to the internet platform or influence the course of the game in any way contrary to the regulations of the game.

5.6 The operator is not liable for economic difficulties of the player which may result from an affiliated online gambling network, in which users from different providers can play against each other or compete together for affiliated jackpots.


6 Termination

6.1 Both partners in the agreement can terminate the agreement at any time and without specified reason.

6.2 In addition to termination, the operator also has the right to exclude a player from further participation in games.


7 Payments

The processing of payments by payment systems which do not allow an ID-based identification and authentication of the player is inadmissible. Forms of payment which are acceptable are bank transfers (bank transfer, Sofort transfer), electronic direct debit (only with separate unblocking from the operator) and with credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro) via the Wirecard Bank AG. A condition is that both payments to the operator as well as payments received by the player are possible with the same payment service provider. Therefore it is also necessary that the account holder is also the account owner and that payments both and from the account are possible.

7.1 All deposit transactions are automatically checked in accordance with the strict anti money laundering law. Only after successful verification without, the deposit is credited to the player's account. The verification is in general completed within a few minutes, however, please be aware that there may be delays between 23 and 7 o'clock.

7.2 The sums paid to the operator by the players are credited to their player account.

7.3 The player account consists of ‘available balance’ and ‘reservations‘. ‘Reservations’ consist of the sums received that have already been used (bets, withdrawal requests etc.) and are no longer at the players disposal. ‘Available balance’ consists of the received sums that are available to the player to play with.

7.4 Payments can be increased or replaced according to the following conditions for promotions or bonuses.

7.5 The player can request payment of his available balance from the operator at any time according to these agreements if he has been fully verified.

7.6 Before a payment to the player is processed, all existing bonuses will be deducted from the players account. The same applies for winning which have been won in games that are excluded from the conversion.

7.7 The minimum amount for a payment to a player after the deduction of remaining bonuses is €20, unless stated otherwise for a promotion (see 8 for conditions for promotions).

7.8 Payments of winnings which result from a free bonus a limited to €100 unless stated otherwise for a promotion (see 8 for conditions for promotions).

7.9 Payment to the player will be made by the same method that the player used to make payment to the operator.

7.10 If the payment method used by the player does not accept chargebacks or for some reason does not work, payment will be made by a method previously used by the player, or by a method agreed by the operator with the player. In In special circumstances the operator reserves the right to process the payment by a different method to that expressed by the player. Payments via credit cards which do not accept chargebacks will be made by transfer. The player will bear and transaction costs.

7.11 Payments of winnings via transfer must be at least €50.

7.12 The highest payable sum per day is €2,000, unless otherwise stated for a promotion (see 8 for conditions for promotions). If payment of a higher sum is required, this will be subject to special checks.

7.13 The operator reserves the right to a payment processing period of up to three working days from the time all necessary documentation and information has been presented.

7.14 A payment from the player to the operator can be requested back as long as no bets have been made with the sum paid. Should a payment made by credit card be requested back, this must be done within 12 hours of initial payment.


8 Conditions for winnings and bets

8.1 All bets, wins and account balances are shown in Euro.

8.2 The bets placed by a player during a game will be deducted from the available balance of the player account.

8.3 Winnings accumulated by a player during a game will be credited to the player account after the game has ended.

8.4 The operator reserves the right to take back winnings and bonus payments, if the amount paid initially is cancelled or requested back.


9 Account verification

The operator reserves the right to verify the identity of the player at any times and for various reasons (e.g. payments services, child protection, fraud prevention). The player will then be required to prove their identity with official and valid identification documents. Additionally to the aforementioned documents the player could be asked to provide the following documents:

  • driving licence,
  • bank statement,
  • copy of a bill (telephone - not mobile, electricity, gas), no older than two months.


10 Other agreements

10.1 Even when individual or several regulations are void the remaining conditions of this agreement are binding….

10.2 The player agrees that his contact data and address data is being shared only within the company network of OnlineCasino Deutschland AG for the purpose of ensuring functionalities and to fulfill the general casino operation.
This data will never be shared into third countries.

10.3 The operator has the right to make changes to the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification. With each change, the condition which is replaced loses its validity. Through further use of the service and the internet platform the player acknowledges the new general terms and conditions.

If a player does not accept the new general terms and conditions, they are excluded from further use of the service and internet platform and the operator can terminate the agreement without giving notice.