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The protection of your privacy when handling personal data is especially important. Take a look at the overview of what data OnlineCasino-Deutschland requires, and for what reason, and the security measures which are taken.

Personal data which you share with OnlineCasino-Deutschland when visiting our casino platform is handled in accordance with the Federal Law on Data Protection and other legal regulations which apply for electronic trade transactions. OnlineCasino-Deutschland guarantees the adherence to the following basic laws.



As a rule you can visit our casino platform, without having to give personal data. OnlineCasino-Deutschland only knows your IP-address, the internet site that you come from, the sites that you click on as well as the date and the duration of your visit. OnlineCasino-Deutschland uses this information for statistical purposes and for the improvement of the website. Your data is only saved and processed in real-money mode.



Cookies are small pieces of text data which are sent from OnlineCasino-Deutschland’s webserver to your PC where they are saved to your hard disk. They do not become a part of your system and cannot cause any damage. Cookies do not save your personal data and nor are they connected to your personal user data.

It is standard for a temporary cookie to be used when you use OnlineCasino. This serves the improvement of the safety of our casino platform, does not include and personal data and is automatically deleted from your PC after your visit.

Another cookie serves for identification for advertisement partners. This ensures that you receive relevant game offers and information from OnlineCasino-Deutschland. The storage of these cookies, “cookies from third parties”, can be deactivated in the appropriate settings of your web browser.



OnlineCasino-Deutschland uses the “Recommend-button” of the social networking site Facebook. This is only a link and has nothing to do with so called “social plugins”. If you do not press the button, then no information is shared with Facebook and no Facebook cookies are saved to your computer. As soon as you click on the button, even of not logged into Facebook, a new window will open with Facebook’s sign in page. At the same time a cookie from Facebook is saved to your hard disk. If you press the button while already logged into Facebook, they will be informed that you would like to recommend OnlineCasino-Deutschland. Visitors to your Facebook site can then see – depending on your privacy settings on Facebook – that you recommend OnlineCasino-Deutschland. Sites within Facebook are exclusively operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (Facebook). The data that Facebook keeps on these sites is therefore outside the knowledge and area of influence of OnlineCasino-Deutschland. General information about this can be found at



All details that you entrust to OnlineCasino, whether in conversation or on the registration form are securely transmitted by means of modern technology and are exclusively used for specific purposes.

OnlineCasino-Deutschland uses a transmissions procedure that is based on the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol. This enables a coding of the whole data transfer between your web browser and the webserver here at OnlineCasino-Deutschland. Because of this your data is protected during transmission from manipulation and unauthorised access.



Your personal data are only used for the purpose of player identification and age verification. It is collected and shared with state institutions only when this is require by law. OnlineCasino-Deutschland’s employees are obliged to maintain customer confidentiality including regarding banking details and other personal data.



For foreign transfers as well as separately commissioned urgent transfers, data contained in the transfer is forwarded to our contractual partner Wirecard Bank AG via the only globally active payment intelligence service, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), which is based in Belgium.

In accordance with the treaty between the European Union and the United States of America on the processing of payments data and its transmission from the European Union to the United States, the authorities of the United States have been allowed access to transfer data forwarded via SWIFT and to save this data for a maximum of five years, for the purpose of fighting international terrorism. Transfers within the SEPA area are excluded from this agreement.



According to §34 of the Federal Law on Data Protection you, as the user, have the right to information regarding what personal data OnlineCasino-Deutschland has saved about you.

With the registration on our platform you have agreed to the following:

OnlineCasino Deustchland AG may forward my data to OCG International Ltd. which is allowed to sed me information about similar offerings of their own.

Yes, I would like to receive Info about Promos and Bonus via email.

You may revoke any consent given for the collection, processing and use of your personal data at any time with future effect. In such a case your data at OnlineCasino-Deutschland will be deleted. Please consider that after revoking our right to your personal data, we must exclude you from use of our games. With the exception of bank-related data that are, for example, for past gameplay and payments and must be saved for government agencies.

For questions regarding the processing of your personal data or in relation to data protection in general, please consult OnlineCasino-Deutschland’s data protection representatives, who are also available to help you with complaints.

OnlineCasino-Deutschland AG
attn. Data protection representatives
Preuschwitzer Strasse 20
02625 Bautzen / Germany
e-mail: [email protected]

Note: The casino platform of OnlineCasino-Deutschland includes links to websites of other providers, whom this privacy policy does not include.



According to §4g paragraph 2 p. 2 of the Federal Law on Data Protection, the details listed in §4e p. 1 nr. 1-8 f the same law should be made available in an appropriate manner by the data protection representative, to anyone who requests it.

1. Name of the responsible organisation
OnlineCasino Deutschland AG

2. Address
OnlineCasino Deutschland AG
Preuschwitzer Strasse 20
02605 Bautzen / Germany

3. Purpose of data collection, processing or use
Operation of an online casino in accordance with the Gambling Act of Schleswig-Holstein from 20th October 2011, (GVOBl. Schl.-H. S. 280), gambling licence: IV 36-212-21.6.10 issued 19.12.2012

4. Description of the affected groups and the related data / data categories
4.1 Player/customer:
Personal data, address, identification data and bank details are saved, processed and used as far as these are necessary for the processing and supervision of transactions as well as gaming.

4.2 Employees, candidates:
All data which is necessary for accurate personnel administration and communication is saved.

4.3 Business associates:
Data relating to addresses, payments/billing and contracts is saved.

4.4 General:
Collection of data relating to addresses and identifications which are necessary for the development of contractual partners.

5. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom data can be disclosed
5.1 Internal agents who are involved in the initiation, implementation and management of current business procedures, for example the personnel, accounting, marketing and banking departments as well as solution providers

5.2 Public bodies which receive data because it is required by law, for example social security agencies, tax authorities, the Ministry for the Interior / Gambling Board of Schleswig-Holstein

5.3 External data processors whom OnlineCasino Deutschland has to fulfil their duties in keeping with § 11 of the Federal Law on Data Protection. These are in particular:

Wirecard Bank AG
Hopfenstrasse 1 d
24114 Kiel, Germany

Participation in data pooling
Creditreform Boniversum GmbH
Hallersbergstraße 11
41460 Neuss, Germany

and the intermediary partner

Wirecard Technologies AG
Einsteinring 35
85609 Aschheim, Germany

6. Standard periods for the deletion of data
The legislator has issued varied duties to preserve and retention periods. The corresponding data is routinely deleted after the expiry of these retention periods. If no explicit retention period is stipulated by law concerning the retention of data, it is deleted after the purpose for which it was collected as either been achieved or abandoned.

7. Planned data transmission to a third country
The transmission of data to a third country occurs in the framework of legal regulations and contract fulfilment in foreign payment transaction. Further data transmissions to third countries are not provided for.

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