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Tortuga Gold

Game description:

Ahoy ye land lubbers and deck scrubbers! Join the pirate crew and rule the Seven Seas. A fierce battle on the waves can bring you a formidable bounty!

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1 - 15

Symbols: 9 plus 5 Wild/ Bonus

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  • Tortuga Gold,
  • Tortuga Gold,
  • Tortuga Gold,
  • Tortuga Gold,
  • Tortuga Gold,


A pirate’s life means gambling and capering and pillaging. Ahoy ye sea rats and landlubbers! Set sail, become a pirate, and loot the Tortuga Gold! Nowadays you can just gamble online to win it! A pirate’s life can be dangerous, as you know, and the buccaneers are not only out on the high seas for bounty – they won’t say no to a bit of gambling online either. But you have to defend what you win if you want to retire to some sunny Caribbean beach someday. Tortuga Gold combines good old pirate gambling with action and adventure on the high seas!


Gamble online and win the pirate’s treasure. You start out on land with a few well-mannered rounds on this virtual one-armed bandit: 5 reels and 1 - 15 paylines is the motto at our safe online casino. The three objects of desire (the super symbols) of any self-respecting pirate are Tortuga Island, a cargo ship with a full load, and an overflowing treasure chest. The regular symbols win when they appear at least three times on a payline, beginning from the far left reel, whereas you only need two super symbols or ‘10’s to win. The five pirates, one of each on a reel, are part of your online crew and act as jokers at first to substitute all of the super symbols – but only the super symbols! And you will need your accomplices to carry out a successful capering. But as you know, pirates aren’t the most reliable lot. You have to manage to get at least three of them to stop on the reels: Then they work as a combined scatter and head off to plunder the seas with you. Where they show up is of no consequence. It’s hard enough to put together a decent crew.


Are you ready for the bonus round? Then now’s the time for a ship attack at the online casino! Sink as many merchant ships as possible. What you manage to loot depends upon your victims’ cargo – and a bit of luck. But remember that you’re not the only pirate out there who wants to rule the seas! One of your perspective victims isn’t a victim at all, he’s a sea wolf in sheep’s tacking. If you’re not careful and inadvertently fire at his ship, your arch-enemy – the Rotten Pirate – loses no time in letting you know who’s boss, and your pillaging is over. Draw your sabre and duel him one-on-one for the Tortuga Gold! Your bounty depends on how the swordfight with the Rotten Pirate ends, i.e. how many free spins you get, and their win multiplier. First the enemy attacks, and the success of your defence determines the number of free spins you win (7, 10 or 15). Now it’s your turn to take the offensive, which determines the win multiplier for the free spin round (2, 3 or 5).


When you’re back in port – or after every win in standard play – you can live like a pirate and gamble online for more winnings by guessing the colour of the next car drawn with the gamble button. You can continue to gamble and increase your winnings until you either decide to hide your treasure (collect) – or you pick the wrong colour and lose it all! Anchors away and see if your ship comes in for great winnings. Play the Tortuga Gold online slot machine for free in fun mode, or gamble for real money online at OnlineCasino.de.

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