Thrill Bill

Game description:

Pretty cool and minimalist – The Thrill Bill scratch card game comes straight to the point. With this classic scratch card game, you know if and how much you have won within just a few seconds. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that you’ll hit the jackpot. But we will vouch for one thing: When you scratch the prize circles off of this scratch card, none of those persistent, sticky paint crumbs will end up on your hands or clothes!

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‘We need something like a lottery but without the delay’ was the idea of the American IT specialist John Koza and marketing specialist Daniel Bower. His idea led to the development of a lottery-like game in which gamblers would be able to find out the results immediately, without having to suffer the anticipation until the official draw was finally made. The first scratch cards came out in 1974. The ingeniously simple principle of the game lies somewhere between a slot machine game and buying a lottery ticket: You win if you scratch off three identical symbols on your scratch card. Scratch cards quickly became a huge success, especially at petrol stations and kiosks, and they have made an easy transition into world of online scratch card games.

With the THRILL BILL SCRATCHCARD, Oryx Gaming presents a modern variation in a muted look that is more reminiscent of a spy thriller than a Tarantino film. Behind the night silhouette of a city awaits the currency of the ‘Bank of Entertainment’. Every dollar-green online scratch card carries an individual ticket number and the profile of a well-endowed Lady Luck, a.k.a. ‘Miss Scratch’. Fitting in with the relaxed design of the Thrill Bill online scratch card, soft, hypnotic background music accompanies this online casino game.


Once you have placed your bet on a scratch card, it is turned over. You have 9 circles and a potential multiplier to scratch free, which you can do manually with a virtual coin embossed with a revolver. If you want to go easy on your wrist, you can simply click on the button ‘scratch all’ and see the sums that are revealed one at a time. Three of a kind are all you need to win, no matter where they appear on the card. The large circle on the online scratch card hides the multiplier, which determines the final sum of your winnings.


An individual online scratch card can be bought for € 10, € 5, € 2, € 1 or just 50 cents. The potential grand prize for your bet (purchase price) is displayed in the paytable. A card costing € 10 can win you as much as € 250 000 Euro if the 10 x multiplier shows up on your online scratch card. Small cash wins, however are most probable, but multipliers of 2 and 5 are also not that uncommon.


In case you want to know how high your chances of winning the jackpot are, just click on the info button at the lower left of the online scratch card game screen. The virtual scratch card is then turned over to reveal the paytable. Play around with it a little – every time you change your bet (the price of the online scratch card), the possible winning sums are adjusted on the display. A card for 50 cents can win you a maximum of € 12 500, for € 2 you have a chance at up to € 50 000. Above all, pay attention to the number of cards available for each prize win: Your odds of winning at this online scratch card game are about 2:5. On average, the grand prize is won once in every 1 000 000 games, while about every 4th card gives you at least the price of the scratch card back.

Buy a scratch card, win in less than a second and cash in immediately – gambling doesn’t get much faster than that. Thanks to its cooled down feeling, the Thrill Bill scratch card is a real highlight in its class. This fun online scratch card game is available at the legal, safe online casino – – as a download version, as well as a fully-fledged portable Flash version for smartphones and tablets. Give Thrill Bill a try for free in fun mode first, then gamble for real money online.

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