The Treasures of Andes

Game description:

Head off to a legendary jungle village with ‘The Treasures of Andes’: In the ruins hidden behind the walls in the dusky jungle, unknown treasures are waiting to be unearthed and see the light of day. Archaeology is a patient science however, and there isn’t always a treasure hidden behind the stones of this exciting scratch card game.

Game details:

  • The Treasures of Andes,
  • The Treasures of Andes,
  • The Treasures of Andes,


Don’t be surprised if The Treasures of Andes reminds you of a traditional slot game at first: In this online scratch card game, the goal is to get three winning symbols in a row. The background and scratch fields (only seemingly hidden behind stone walls for eternity) glow in the typical South American jungle hues of blue, green and turquoise. In between, gold and red characters pop out to give you information about your chances of winning with this online scratch card game.

You click on the green button at the lower left to purchase a new scratch card after you have chosen the price you want to pay for the card. You can break open each row of the Treasures of Andes scratch card manually, one by one, or you can knock down the entire wall at once by clicking on ‘open all’. If you win, the amount of your winnings is displayed in the middle of the online scratch card and credited to your player account.


As easy as it is to air the secrets of the scratch card jungle, it’s just as difficult to find real treasure: You will find at least as many worthless stone coins as valuable golden masks behind its walls. To the right of each scratch card row, you can see how much you have won with online gambling - or might have won.


You will have to invest either € 2.50, € 5, or € 10 per online scratch card on your quest for The Treasures of Andes. Depending upon the price you decide to pay, the jackpot climbs from € 2500 to € 5000 or even € 10 000! When you click on the ‘rules’ (to the left of the scratch card), a paytable with all of the winning possibilities for your ticket is raised like a drawbridge. Three masks in a row can get you online casino winnings between € 2.50 and €10 000, depending upon the price of your card, and if you manage to get three masks in every row on your scratch card, your online gambling winnings will be doubled!

The attractive, cool colours of The Treasures of Andes online scratch card game makes it really great for online gambling with mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. Test the treasure hunt at for free in Fun Mode first before you gamble online for real money. The lesser payouts in this well-designed online scratch card game, at least, don't make themselves too rare at our legal online casino!

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