The Anaconda Eye

Game description:

The “Eye of the Anaconda”, an infamous jewel, is the best kept secret of the indigenous tribes in the Amazonas region. Battle your way through the jungle and find the hidden treasure rooms. But be careful, danger is all around you on this trip.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1-20

Symbols: 11

  • The Anaconda Eye,
  • The Anaconda Eye,
  • The Anaconda Eye,
  • The Anaconda Eye,
  • The Anaconda Eye,
  • The Anaconda Eye,

The Anaconda Eye is a precious jewel and the best kept secret of an ancient Amazon culture. Battle your way through the jungle and find the hidden treasure rooms online. Play for the Anaconda’s treasures!

The Anaconda Eye is a slot machine for adventurers and Indiana Jones fans. The Amazon rainforest is full of secrets, danger and strange creatures. The anaconda is just one of them but maybe the most feared one. However, this dangerous giant snake is the key to success in our online casino because she guides you to the hidden treasures of an ancient civilization. But watch out, the waters of the Amazon jungle are teeming with snappy piranhas!

Go on a treasure hunt in the depths of the jungle! There you’ll find 5 reels and 20 paylines that are studded with a hungry jaguar, a gigantic constrictor, an aggressive crocodile and many more. These are super symbols winning with two hits and earning much more than normal symbols that earn only at three hits on a stretch (beginning from the left).

The Treasure in the Anaconda Cave

The Eye of the Anaconda is your joker that replaces any symbol except bonus and free game symbols. When you hit five of these magic symbols on an active payline, you will strike it rich receiving 7,000 times your bet!

Hidden in the impenetrable Amazon forests, there is another attraction waiting for the brave traveler: the cave of the anaconda. At least three Anaconda cave symbols on an active line guide you to it, but they don’t have to appear on the first reel. The more symbols you line up or the more lines with Anaconda caves you have, the richer you get in the end. A smart treasure hunter should therefore activate all paylines to improve his chances!

If you manage to get to the holy cave, five gates to the magic shrine will await you. Behind them, treasures with different values wait for you. You are allowed to choose one of the gates. If you think its value is too low, you can come back twice and choose again. But the treasure you’ve collected before will be gone!

Swim with Piranhas and Win Free Games

Always watch out for piranhas teeming in the muddy waters of the Amazon jungle! But you are lucky, these lovely animals are already full and won’t touch you. Quite the opposite, the piranha madness starts online when you hit at least three dive symbols at any position. Then you dive into a free game and meet five piranhas. The more dive symbols you get, the more piranhas you can catch. Two of them earn you further free games, while the other three piranhas earn you additional multipliers that multiply your winnings!

Apart from more or less dangerous creatures, there are one or two treasure hunters who shun no danger. If you are one of them, put everything at stake. Bet on red or black! If your color is drawn, your winnings will double in our online casino. If not, you’ll get nothing!

Dare to come to the jungle and your courage will be rewarded! Play for the treasures in the Amazon forests online!

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