The Anaconda Eye

Game description:

The Anaconda Eye, a fabled jewel, is one of the best kept secrets of the indigenous Amazon tribes. Fight your way through the jungle and find the hidden treasure chambers. But be careful – there are many dangers awaiting you on your journey.

Game details:

The Anaconda Eye,


Anaconda Eye is the online slot game for adventurers and Indiana Jones fans. The Amazon rainforest is full of secrets, dangers and exotic creatures. The anaconda is only one of them, but probably the most feared. At our online casino, however, this dangerous giant snake is also your key to riches: It shows you the way to the hidden treasures of a long-lost civilisation. But be careful – the waters of the Amazon are just teeming with hungry piranhas!

Off to hunt for the treasures of the jungle! First you will meet up with 5 reels and 20 paylines. They confront you with the usual jungle vermin, but also a monstrous constrictor snake and an aggressive crocodile. These are the super symbols of this online slot machine, and you only need two of them in a row on an active payline to win – in addition to higher winnings than the normal symbols. You need at least three identical normal symbols in a row from left to right, beginning on the first reel in order to win.


The Anaconda Eye is your wild symbol and substitutes any of the other symbols, except for the bonus and free spin scatters. If you happen to meet up with five of these magical gems on an active payline, you will also be richly rewarded – with 7000 times your line bet!

But, hidden deep within the impenetrable forests of the Amazon, a further attraction awaits the brave adventurer: The Cave of the Anaconda. At least 3 anaconda cave symbols on an active payline show you the way, and they don’t even have to begin on the first reel. The more symbols you have on a payline, the more anaconda caves appear on the lines, and your riches will be even grander. As a clever treasure hunter, you should always activate all 20 paylines in order to maximise your chances of winning!

Once you have made it to the holy cave, five gates to the magic shrine await you. Choose one of them and reveal treasures worth different amounts. If you feel they aren’t as valuable as you would like, you can trace your way back to the mouth of the cave up to two times and try your luck with another gate. But remember: The treasures you gathered behind the other gates are then gone!


If you are in the jungle, you should always remember that the muddy waters of the rainforest are full of piranhas. But you’re lucky: These cute little animals are already full and won’t hurt you. Quite the contrary. The piranha frenzy starts online when you meet up with at least three diver symbols. Then you dive into the free spin round and meet up with 5 piranhas. The more diving symbols you take into the water, the more piranhas you are allowed to catch. Two of them get you additional free spins, the other three give you multipliers for even higher winnings!

There are one of two adventurers in the Amazon who have no fear of danker. If you happen to be one of them, risk it all at Vabanque! Bet on either red or black, and if the card drawn matches the colour you bet on, you double your win at our safe online casino. If your guess was wrong though, you lose it all!

Dare to delve into the jungle. Your courage will be rewarded when you play for the treasures of the Amazon on the online slot machine Anaconda Eye at our legal, safe online casino!