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Space Traveller

Game description:

A boy boldly goes where no man has gone before. Join our Space Traveller on his slot machine journey through space and meet the inhabitants of galaxies far, far away.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1-20

Symbols: 9 plus Bonus and Scatter

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  • Space Traveller,
  • Space Traveller,
  • Space Traveller,
  • Space Traveller,
  • Space Traveller,

The journey through space is a long one, even at our online casino. After your space glider has taken off, you will find yourself caught in the orbits of 5 reels with 20 paylines. Along with diverse heavenly bodies, this online slot machine presents you with your home planet, a direction sign and a star as a super symbol. If you have to rub your eyes to make sure you’re not really seeing Elvis out in space (and is it really so unlikely?), don’t worry: It’s just an intergalactic mirage. It’s just a star – but you only need to see two of them – or any of the other super symbols – from left to right along an active payline to win! All of the ‘normal planets’, ace through jack, have to appear at least three times for a win at the online casino.


The boy-pilot could be your key to success when you give online gambling a try with Space Traveller. If you manage to meet up with him 5 times along an active payline, you win 1000 times your line bet! And the mini-astronaut at our online casino also acts as a joker and substitutes all normal and super symbols. Now, you might just happen to run into a disturbance in the space-time continuum, the so-called wormhole. There’s no need to fear though: The wormholes on this online slot game only mean you well. If you manage to discover two green wormholes, you get to communicate with foreign planets. If you meet up with three purple wormholes, your space odyssey is at an end, and you can return home for a bit of R & R. Every now and then, however, you might meet up with some completely unpredictable entities at the online casino – the Funky Cruise Comet, for example. If at least three of these vacationers land on the reels, this online slot rewards you with a round of free spins. The more comets you meet during a round of online gambling on Space Traveller, the more you can win!


After so many falling stars on the slot machine, it’s time to come back to those green wormholes. If you manage to discover them, you will find yourself within the ‘Communication Skills’ bonus feature. You meet up with a system of twelve planets. Try to make contact with them! The friendly planets on this slot machine mean friendly online winnings. But beware the dark forces that may lurk on other planets. They will fight to the end and destroy your communications systems when you play the Space Traveller online slot. You have three communication satellites, but if they all get destroyed, you’ll have to flee the system to repair them for your next chance. As with any long voyage, you’re bound to be struck with a little homesickness and the desire to return to your home planet – at least for a while. But for that you will need to conquer three purple wormholes to enter the ‘Home Sweet Home bonus feature. From the cockpit of your space glider, you will see three deceptive planets that seem to show your way home. Follow the right one to get to the wormhole! The faster you find your way at our online casino, the more fuel you have left. And we all know that fuel is better than black gold, even on online casino slots. Now you have to take the right wormhole to reach your home planet. The same rule applies here: If you choose wisely, your voyage will be as short as your online gambling winnings are high.

In the endless solitude of space, you might find yourself feeling a bit of ennui, even at the online slots. Distract yourself with a bit of a thrill and try online gambling with a little risk. You can double your winnings – or lose them all. Just pick between red and black, and if you’ve guessed the right colour of the card, you win! Of course, you can also play online slots for free in fun mode at our online casino. Take a few practice flights to gather your bearings in the universe first before you try online gambling for real money.

3 -2 -1 lift-off! And fly toward galactic luck with the Space Traveller slot at our legal online casino!

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