Scarab Treasure

Game description:

With Scarab Treasure, one of the most unique casino online slots, the player is swept away into the richly filled tomb of two Egyptian pharaohs. This game is outfitted with various Egyptian symbols which appear on a single reel with no paylines. But watch out for the scorpion: When it stings, it destroys all of your winnings.

Game details:

Reels: 1

Symbols: 4 plus Poisonous Scorpion


Playing online slots and winning a ton of money is what makes online casino gambling so much fun. If you are into risky online slots, then Scarab Treasure is the perfect casino online slot for you. The gamble option that can be selected after a win makes it especially exciting. Your winnings can be doubled if you guess the right colour of the face-down card. If you choose to gamble on the suit of the card instead - and guess right - then your winnings will even be quadrupled! That makes for a great bonus on the online casino slots. But don't forget the scorpion in the game: Its only goal is to steal your winnings. The various symbols ride one single reel. You can also play the Scarab Treasure online slot for free in fun mode – no download, no registration necessary.


  • Ankh
  • The Eye of Ra
  • Scarab: Symbol with the highest payout

With Scarab Treasure you can either cash in your online casino winnings or try to accumulate them. With this online slot, the winnings are added up in a column. There is one column for each symbol. If you get the highest possible sum on each column, then your winnings are paid out. If the wave symbol appears, you don't win anything, but at least you don't lose anything. Your accumulated winnings remain untouched. However, if the scorpion appears, you lose it all, so it's always a gamble when you allow your online casino winnings to accumulate. Will you cash in your winnings, gamble them or wait for them to grow even bigger? It's the risky decisions that make Scarab Treasure such an exciting example for online gambling entertainment! Once you click on 'Take', the scorpion can't take it away from you.


Because there is a large range of possible bets which can be selected with a click on the scale at the right of the game screen, Scarab Treasure is one of the online slots that can be enjoyed by both conservative gamblers and high rollers alike. It should also be mentioned that your bet can only be changed after you have collected your winnings. If you have decided to accumulate them and haven’t yet had them paid out, then it's not possible. With the autostart feature, you can set the online slot to repeat spins with the same bet. You can also set the autostart function to stop once you have won or lost a specific sum on this online slot. With another click on the autostart button, you can also stop the reel from spinning.

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