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Lucky Swing

Game description:

Spin the reels, and maybe you’ll get the chance for a hole-in-one. Can you play through all the hazards?

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1-5

Symbols: 10

  • Lucky Swing,
  • Lucky Swing,
  • Lucky Swing,
  • Lucky Swing,


Welcome to the golf green at our legal online casino! Pack your cart with woods and irons, tee off, and play the online golf slot machine for the silver trophy with Charming Lucy, Rich Mike and Wise Jack! You can save yourself the club membership fees at our online casino and still have the chance to win big.

You’ve never played golf in your life? No problem. At our virtual slot machine golf course, you’ll have all the time in the world to brush up on your skills for a reel (get it?) winning chance. The hardest thing about golf are the complicated rules, and they even cause confusion and heated discussions among experienced golf players. Don’t worry – our online casino has different rules anyway, and they are pretty straightforward. There are a few different things, however, than you won’t find on other online slot machines – but only to your advantage! The most important: The Lucky Swing paylines win from left AND from right! That greatly increases your chances of winning on this online slot machine, so you could jolly well play for higher stakes.


This golf course offers 5 reels and 5 paylines, and alongside the normal symbols, the characters mentioned above each serve as super symbols. While the normal symbols win when three in a row turn up on an active payline - either from left or from right - you only need two super symbols for a win on this online slot machine. Wise Jack is the old fox on the course, sinks the ball with ease and therefore triggers the largest wins. Lucy isn’t quite so practiced on the green, and so she earns you a little less. Rich Mike isn’t bad, but he is often more glitter than gold, so he falls somewhere in the middle at our online casino. Naturally, the coveted silver cup gets you the biggest win online – 3000 times your line bet! But you have to play all of the holes perfectly to earn it – that means that you need five trophies in a row on a payline in order to really clean up. The trophy also serves as a joker and substitutes all of the super symbols (but not the normal ones), when you play this golf slot machine online.


The Lucky Club symbol whisks you away to the bonus feature of this online slot. If you meet up with three of them on the reels, you finally get the chance to swing the clubs. If you have four or five of them, your winnings in the bonus round are multiplied by 5 or 10 times respectively! So choose your driver with care at the online casino golf course! If you select the right one, have a steady hand, and the wind conditions are just right, you might even hit a hole in one for a great reward. But the worst thing that can happen is that you miss your shot and just walk away from the green with a consolation prize from this online slot machine. If you hit upon a good combination, you are already ahead. That means: If you have at least three lucky clubs in a row on the reels, you don’t have to pay the green fee for your next ten games, i.e. you get 10 free spins. If you manage to get five of them lined up, they will give you a bonus game AND 20 free spins! If, somewhere along your trek over the course, you decide that your winnings are just a little lower than you would like, you can always use the gamble option to double them. After you select either red or black, a card is drawn from a deck, and if the colours match, then you win. If not, you lose, and your last winnings are gone.

Try your luck from tee-off to the green and play a round with Lucy, Mike and Jack on the golf slot machine Lucky Swing to play for the silver cup and win real money at our state certified online casino!

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