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Lucky Row

Game description:

Cool, glittering diamonds, legal tender in the form of bills and small coins: Lucky Row beckons with a great jackpot that you could play for only a couple of nuggets. Unfortunately, Fortuna has the habit of bestowing a lucky duck with the jackpot only very rarely. The special attraction: This online scratch game sometimes gives you a second chance!

Game details:

  • Lucky Row,
  • Lucky Row,
  • Lucky Row,


Scratch fields: 3 rows of 3 fields each Maximum jackpot: EUR 6000 Minimum cost per card: EUR 1.50 Maximum cost per card: EUR 6.00 6 winning symbols, free card symbol

Available in fun mode and real money mode


Do the possibilities of winning in the ice-blue ambience of Lucky Row seem pretty small to you? Try it out for yourself: Even if you don’t win anything on one scratch card, maybe you will win a free card: The FREE CARD symbol gives you a free additional online scratch card if it appears in any of the fields.

You decide how much you want to bet on your online scratch card with the plus and minus signs on the light blue ‘choose price’ button. Do this before you buy a card (the green ‘buy card’ button), otherwise you pay the price shown. If you want to keep up the excitement as long as possible, you can ‘scratch’ each of the individual fields with your mouse. It’s faster, of course, if you just click on the ‘open all’ button.


The four spaces above the selection buttons at the right hand side of the online scratch card show you – from top to bottom: ticket number, your current balance (imaginary in fun mode), your win and your bet. The values in the paytable are adjusted to reflect the value of your bet.


You can buy a Lucky Row online scratch card for either 1.50, 3 or 6 euros. Along with your purchase price, the possible winnings also increase: Three diamonds in a row win 500 euro for the lowest priced scratch card, and if you’re lucky, you get four times as much if you have invested in a scratch card for 6 euros. And because the winnings in each row add up, you might suddenly find yourself 6000 euros richer with a card full of diamonds. Depending upon the price category you have selected, three piles of change in a row are worth 1 to 4 euros, and there is a lot more to win with money bags, stacks of chips, bundles of bills and gold bars. With the latter, you can win between 100 and 400 euros.

Lucky Row is an uncomplicated online scratch card game that is fun to play on your mobile or tablet and is great for gambling on the go. Take advantage of playing for free in fun mode first, and then play this online scratch card game for real money at our certified legal online casino for the chance at huge winnings!

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