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Lucha Extreme

Game description:

Welcome to the world of Mexican free wrestling! You have the chance to fight as El Diablo, Fantasma, Comodín or Gladiador and defend your title in this popular sports spectacular.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1 - 20

Symbols: 12

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  • Lucha Extreme,
  • Lucha Extreme,
  • Lucha Extreme,
  • Lucha Extreme,


Welcome to the legal online casino, and welcome to the world of lucha – or lucha libre as the Mexicans call it, the sport for real men. We know it’s all show, but that makes betting no less important, especially when it comes to Luchas de Apuestas. You don’t need a degree to understand lucha. There are basically two things that are important for a luchador: his mask and his hair. Loss of the mask – because you’ve gambled it away and lost a match – is the equivalent of loss of honour. Once you’ve lost your mask, your hair is next. If that happens, all honour is lost. Aside from that, this is team wrestling and it’s always ‘good’ against ‘evil’ when you play the Lucha Extreme slot machine online.


At least you don’t have to step into the ring alone here, where you are up against an online slot machine with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Here, you will meet up not only with standard symbols but also super symbols in the form of our lucha heroes. El Diablo and El Comodín represent the Rudos, i.e. the ‘bad guys’. The Téchnicos, Fantasma and El Gladiator, are the ‘good guys’. El Diablo and Fantasma always appear in threes on the reels. When they appear in a stack, they serve as wilds and substitute all of the other symbols except for the champion’s belt. All of the symbols on the reels of this online slot machine win when at least three identical symbols appear in a row beginning from the outside left on an active payline, and with the 10 you only need two of them. El Diablo and Fantasma, our two team captains, lead you on to the bonus round. That happens when they face each other in rows of three on reels two and four. The Luchador on reel 4 fights only for you! But he can’t do it alone. Among other things, luchadors have a fairly simple nature and you will have to tell him exactly what he has to do to knock out his opponent – with a jump, a throw or a punch. If you have been to Mexico, you probably already know: Throw beats punch, beats jump, beats throw. Got it? Your prize money is set according to the duration and quality of your match when you play the slots online.


El Gladiator and El Comodín are in charge of beginning the free spin round of Lucha de Apuesta at our legal online casino. If they face each other at the same time on the middle position of reels 1 and 5, then the champion’s belt enters the game and you can choose from (bet on) ‘hair’ (the most precious commodity of a luchador, as you already know), you get the least number of free spins but for that with the highest multiplier. If you choose ‘title’, you get lots of free spins but no multiplier. The ‘mask’ stands for a balanced mixture of both.

El Gladiator and El Comodín can’t even take a break from their feud in the free spin round. The hero that appeared on the first reel to kick of the free spin round is your man and fights for you online. Then your fighters and their opponents wrestle for stars in Lucha Heaven in the arena of this online slot machine. Whoever gets the winning (or higher) combination is the champion of the match. The number of stars you win decides how high your winnings are at the end of the bonus round on this online slot machine. After a lost battle, your fight for honour is lost, but not for money. If you bet your online winnings with the gamble option, you pick either red or black. The colour of the card that is drawn decides whether you double your winnings or lose it all!

Test your luck and honour with the Lucha Extreme online slot machine with the chance to win huge sums at our state certified legal online casino!

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