Jacks or Better

Game description:

Jacks or Better is a simple video poker game. Anything higher than a pair of 10s wins.

Game details:

Jacks or Better,


Jacks or Better is one of the many classic video poker games at our state certified legal online casino. No exotic exceptions in the paytable and only one basic rule: You need at least a pair of jacks – or better – to win. The name says it all.

The aim of the game – as in every kind of poker – is to get the highest possible hand. Because you need at least a pair of face cards to win, you should really think before you decide to collect junk cards. Good if you can speculate on two pairs, three of a kind or a straight. They can really pay out at the end of the round.

But one thing at a time. With Jacks or Better you can play up to 25 hands at once online. The principle is very easy: After you have placed your bet, you can choose which, from the five cards dealt to you, you would like to keep. If the cards you have been dealt already show promise of making up a sensible combination, the computer suggests which ones you shouldn’t discard. But you don’t need to follow the computer’s advice. Then you have to click on DRAW a second time (even if you have chosen to keep all of the cards in your original hand). The cards you have chosen to get rid of, i.e. not marked, are replaced by new ones from the deck. If you already have a great hand, a flush or a straight for example, you can certainly keep all of your cards.

As a rule you will probably want to exchange a card or two. If you manage to get a winning combination as stipulated in the paytable, then you win. Either collect your win or risk it all in the bonus gambling round!


If you decide to try out the latter, you can attempt to double your win online or increase it by half. The dealer takes a card from the face-down hand and turns it face-up. Then it’s your turn to flip one of the remaining four cards. If the card you have chosen is higher than the dealer’s, then you win the bet. If not, you lose it all. At least with the option ‘double half’ you still get to keep a portion of your winnings if you lose.

The winning hands in Jacks or Better at our online casino are more or less the same as those in classic, conventional poker. Naturally, there isn’t a ‘highest hand’ because you aren’t playing against an opponent, and the lowest winning hand is a pair of jacks:

Hand Definition
Royal Flush A continuous row of cards in the same suit from ace to 10
Straight Flush A continuous row of cards in the same suit, the highest card being a king or lower
Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank and an unmatched card
Full House Three cards of the same rank and a pair of another rank
Flush Five non-consecutive cards of the same suit
Straight Five consecutive cards of various suits
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank and two unmatched cards
Two Pair Two cards of the same rank and another two cards of another same rank plus an unmatched card
Jacks or Better Two cards of the same rank (jacks, queens, kings or aces) and three unmatched cards

Your winnings are displayed immediately when you play Jacks or Better online video poker at our state certified legal online casino. That way you have an overview of everything – your bet, your winnings, and of course which cards you want to hold.


As previously mentioned, you can decide how many hands you want to play before you bet – one, four, ten or even twenty-five hands. When you choose to play multiple hands, the cards you keep count for every hand. They can make up a winning combination after the second deal, which can increase your chances of winning! However, your basic bet is made on each hand, which also increases your total bet.

And now off you go and hope for Jacks or better when you play online video poker for real money or for free at our online casino!

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