Französisches Roulette

Game description:

Play roulette according to French rules (la Partage) with only one zero. All of the other well-known betting options are included too. Have fun!

Game details:


Bienvenue à notre online-casino – entrez, s’il vous plait! What? Sorry, we just got carried away. After all, we are talking about the most classic roulette game of all, namely French Roulette. What we meant to say was welcome to playing French roulette at our online casino. Come on in!

If you have already played ‘normal’ European roulette, i.e. not the American version with a double zero, then a lot will be familiar to you. Although the chips are called jetons here, and the layout is set up a bit differently, the roulette ball rolls the same way and lands on one of the 37 numbers, even when you play roulette for free online. Before you spin the wheel though, you should place your bet with a jeton (for however much you choose to bet) on at least one of the fields on the layout. Or even on a group of numbers, which brings us to another feature of French roulette: This game has a few more win combinations than other versions. But we’ll get back to that. For now, let’s just take a closer look at the roulette table.


The roulette table is divided into an inner section and an outer section: The numbers can be found within the inner section, and the outer section is made up of various groups of numbers, e.g. rouge et noir (red and black), pair et impair (even or odd). If you are making an inside bet, you place your chips directly on the number or on the line between two or four numbers. That signalises that you have placed your bet on all of the numbers touched by the jeton. The bet amount is then split between the various numbers.

With an outside bet, you place your chips on one or more of the fields in the outer area of the online roulette layout. Beside red/ black and even/ odd, you can also place your bet on one of the three douzaines (dozens), colonnes (columns), or on manqué/ passe (1 – 18 or 19 – 36) when you play online roulette. If the ball lands on the group you have bet on during the croup (round), you can win at roulette online. Naturally, not as much as if you had bet on a specific number, after all, the probability is higher. About the chances of winning: They are a bit higher in French Roulette because there is no double zero on the wheel. If the ball happens to land on the green zero, and you have placed your bet on rouge/ noir, it is considered ‘la partage’: You at least get half of your bet back. In other online roulette games, your entire bet is lost to the bank.


Just a quick word about annonces (announcements) and voisins de nombre (neighbours) before you start to play roulette online. Here, you place your bet on a number and its nearest neighbour(s). You can choose from between one to four neighbours with online roulette. On the annonce bet circle, you will also find a selection of ‘annonce bets’. Here, you place your online bet on a specific section of the roulette wheel. You will need a lot of chips to place on the roulette table in order to place an announced bet. The croupier does the heavy lifting for you in this online roulette game, i.e. when you choose an announced bet option, your chips are placed automatically on the layout. Here is a short overview of the annonce bets available for French Roulette online:

*Tiers du Cylindre (third of the wheel) *Orphelins en Plein (orphans) *Orphelins a Cheval (orphans, two joined numbers) *Jeu Zéro (zero game) *Jeu 7/ 9 (game 7/ 9) *Red Snake *Black Snake *Red Split *Black Split *Finales (numbers that end with the same digit)

And now you finally get to play roulette online legally. There is also an exact list below of the possible wins when you play French Roulette online.

Bet Name Winning Numbers Payout*
Straight Up single number (0-36) 35:1
Two Joined Numbers two numbers either above or beside each other 17:1
Trio 0/1/2 or 0/2/3 11:1
Street any three numbers in a row 11:1
Basket 0/1/2/3 8:1
Corner four adjoining numbers in a two-by-two block 8:1
Six Line 6 numbers from two rows 5:1
Column numbers in a column 2:1
Dozen first, second or third 12 numbers 2:1
Even/ Odd either an even or an odd number 1:1 (partage if the number is a zero)
Low/ High either the first or last 18 numbers 1:1 (partage if the number is a zero)
Red/ Black either a red or a black number 1:1 (partage if the number is a zero)

*A margin of 1:1 means that the winnings are equal to the bet placed, and your original bet is also given back to you. 35:1 means that your winnings are 35 times your original bet, which is why you receive 36 times your original bet, i.e. your winnings and your original bet.

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