Fairytale Forest

Game description:

Fairytale Forest is an eye candy dreamscape full of generous magical creatures tending to your balance throughout this woodland adventure.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1-20

Symbols: 11

  • Fairytale Forest,
  • Fairytale Forest,
  • Fairytale Forest,
  • Fairytale Forest,
  • Fairytale Forest,
  • Fairytale Forest,

Play Fairytale Forest online side by side with goblins and fairies

Immerse yourself in our Online Casino into a magical forest where enchanted creatures and magical winning chances are waiting for you. Join the lovely goblins, fairies, smiling flowers and charming winning chances whilst playing the Fairytale Forest online slot machine!

We offer a number of slot machines in our Onlinecasino which combine the classic slot machine business with action and adventures. Those of you who fear of wild captain Sam Hook in "Tortuga Gold" or the Mariachi skeletons in "Dià de los Muertos" might find their fortune in our Fairytale Forest. Every enchanted creature inside this magical world is friendly by nature. Give it a try and discover whether they bring good luck!

Get the jackpot from the good luck fairy in our OnlineCasino

The key to the mysterious forest can be found in 20 paylines out of 5 reels. Besides the classic symbols there are a range of good luck goblins delivering bonus features. Smiling trees offer you free spins and the fairy is your joker. She is the one who replaces every symbol on one payline (with the exception of bonus features and free spin symbols). In case if she appears online in five copies (on one active payline), she brings you 7000 times your money application!

The good luck goblin invites you to a bonus round of crazy hats. Until this happens, he has to appear at least three times on one active payline (no matter where). He is the hat-game player: You have to choose online between five magical hats amongst which are hidden some precious diamonds. Prove your intuition and pick the one hat of which you think the biggest and most precious diamond is hiding. If the revealed diamond is not precious enough for you, you still have a second and also a third chance to find a better one by picking one of the other hats. But beware: the previous revealed diamond is lost at the moment you decide to reveal another one!

Smiling trees and magical acorns in one magical slot machine

By the way, the more goblins display, the luckier you get. If a goblin displays on more than just one payline or more than three goblins in a row, you get the chance to reveal the hats more than just once or your winnings will be multiplied. The magical forest slot machine gets even more generous if you get the chance to start the bonus feature during the free spin feature. This can lead to a free spin multiplier being added to a possible bonus multiplier. This can make you rich! At least three smiling trees have to appear in order to get free spins (no matter where). First of all, you get five free spins multiplied by the multiplier 2 and some magical acorns. Some hide additional multipliers and some hide additional free spins. The more smiling trees you catch, the more acorns you get by playing this slot machine online.

As usual, you can take full risks by double or loose your winnings by a fifty-fifty chance in this slot machine within our Online Casino. Bet on black or red: the card drawn decides your fate. There you go: The magical forest fantasy world slot machine is complex but promises fabulous winning chances at the same time! Search for precious treasures in one big magical forest whilst playing Fairytale Forest.

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