Europäisches Roulette

Game description:

Classic single-zero roulette with various betting options.

Game details:


Our online casino welcomes you to the game of royalty! Naturally, no casino would be complete without the game of all games, and we offer you three various types of online roulette that you can play for free. Maybe you should start out at the European Roulette table. It is something like the standard form of roulette, and its betting rules are not as complicated as French Roulette or the American double-zero version. You have probably come across the basic principle of this table game even if you haven’t been to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. With Online Roulette, it’s basically just a matter of placing a bet on a number or a group of numbers. Then the roulette wheel is set in motion, a ball is thrown into the bowl, and our croupier calls out ‘No more bets, please!’ to let you know that the round is already underway.


When the roulette wheel stops, the ball lands in one of the 37 numbered pockets. If one of your bets on the layout corresponds with the number the ball has landed on, you win. Naturally, the more limited your group of numbers is, the higher the payout you win. The chips can be found at the lower right corner of the screen. You can ‘buy’ the chips for the price printed on them and then place your bet on the layout when you play online roulette at our online casino. Once you have placed your bet, click on the orange ‘spin’ button. When the ball has stopped, the croupier marks the winning number with a ‘dolly’ on the layout and you can cash in (or not) and play on – either with the same bet, or you can place a completely new bet. On the bar at the left hand side, you can also view the last 12 winning numbers. It also shows you ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers, i.e. the numbers that have turned up the most and least often respectively. They help you to calculate, according to the laws of probability, which numbers are likely to win or which are not likely to win. But laws are made to be broken…


The layout of all roulette games is divided into inside and outside sections, which is why we speak of inside and outside bets. With an inside bet, you place your virtual roulette chips directly on a number or the lines between the numbers, which signalises that you are placing your bet on all of the numbers that touch your chip. Your bet is then divided between these numbers in online roulette. With an outside bet, you place your chip on one of the fields in the outer sections, i.e. on a corresponding group of numbers. For example on all red or all black, on even or odd numbers, on one of the three dozens, on rows, or on the first or last 18 numbers (1-18 or 19-36).

In addition to inside and outside bets, you can also bet on neighbouring numbers or make an announced bet at our safe online casino. The button ‘neighbour bets’ takes you to the corresponding selection menu when you play roulette online. There you can choose how many immediate neighbours of a number you wish to bet on, then choose your number. An announced bet can be placed on a certain area of the roulette wheel, for which you would have to place a lot of chips on the layout. By announcing your bet, the chips are automatically placed on the layout for you.

Now all you have to do is give the online roulette wheel a spin. The list below shows you exactly what you can win when you play European Roulette at our legal, safe online casino.

Inside Bets Winning Number Payout*
Single Number any single number (0-36) 35:1
Split any two adjoining numbers, vertical or horizontal 17:1
Trio 0/1/2 or 0/2/3 11:1
Street three consecutive numbers in the same row 11:1
Basket 0/1/2/3 8:1
Corner four numbers that all meet at one corner 8:1
Six Line six consecutive numbers on two neighbouring rows 5:1
Outside Bets
Column one number from within the selected vertical columns of 12 numbers 2:1
Dozen a number within the chosen 1st, 2nd or 3d 12 numbers
Even/ Odd any even or odd number 1:1
Low/ High first or last 18 numbers 1:1
Red/ Black any red or any black number 1:1

*A quote of 1:1 means that the payout is equal to the bet you have made, i.e. you get your bet back as well as the payout equal to your bet. 35:1 means that your winnings are 35 times your initial bet, which means that you receive 36 times your bet, namely your winning plus your original bet.

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