Deep Space Bingo

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Take a seat and play this popular lottery game at Collect all 15 numbers on your card to win at Bingo online!

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  • Deep Space Bingo,
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Bingo is played from Berlin to Buenos Aires in dedicated Bingo halls, as well as in various newspapers and on television shows. These variations are without a doubt fun, but they do have one or two disadvantages compared to online casino Bingo. Bingo in print media offers you fun and the chance for a big win only once a day at best. And making your way to a crowded, stuffy Bingo hall can be a definite deterrent. Online Bingo is a great alternative: Play this popular lottery game from the comfort of your home with as many bingo cards as you like – for free in fun mode – at our State certified legal online casino.

You’ve really never played Bingo before? Then we’ll just get you started off with a short explanation of how it works. No worries – the basic principles and rules of this online Bingo game are pretty straightforward.

You purchase one or more cards that have numbers printed on them – more less the equivalent of a lottery ticket, except that you can’t choose the numbers yourself. Then the draw begins. At live Bingo, the numbers are drawn by the Caller, but the computer has taken over that job for our version of online Bingo. If the drawn numbers match those on your card(s), they are daubed (marked) off. If you have been able to daub off all of the numbers on your card, then you are allowed to shout ‘Bingo!’. And you win the big prize! But other patterns on the card, such as rows or columns, can also lead to a win. They are just a bit smaller.


When you play Bingo at our State certified online casino, you can ‘buy’ up to 20 cards with 15 numbers each, and you choose the amount you wish to pay for each card. In accordance with the laws of probability, the more cards you play, the better your chances of winning. The rotating cage contains 90 balls, 30 of which are drawn per game. If one of the numbers on a drawn ball matches a number anywhere on your card(s), that number is marked off. If one or more of your cards has a winning pattern at the end of the game (after all 30 balls have been drawn), you are credited with the winnings that match the patterns on your winning cards. The winning patterns with their individual payouts are depicted above the drawn numbers, and the payouts displayed are automatically adjusted if you change your basic bet. You don’t even have to calculate the multipliers. Just to give you a picture though: If you are able to fill out all 15 squares on a card, your win is 3000 times what you bet! The currently most promising card in your hand is displayed in the middle of the screen during the game, and after the game it is replaced with the card that was most profitable for you. After the game is over, you can keep the same cards, however the numbers marked from the previous game are cleared. You now have the opportunity to place a new bet for each card, and if you have the feeling that those cards just aren’t bringing you any luck, you can simply press the option ‘New Numbers’ and start again.

We suggest you play a few rounds of deep space BINGO online now. Whenever you need a break, just come back here, and we’ll tell you a bit about the history of Bingo.


The game as we know it today supposedly has its origins in Italy. The modern version was, however, invented by the American Edwin Lowe. He observed a group of people at a travelling carnival playing a game with cards. The cards had numbers on them, and when one of those numbers was called, the players covered them with beans. Whenever someone won, he called out ‘Beano’! Lowe gave his take on the game a trial run in New York, and when one of the winners accidentally called out ‘Bingo!’ in her excitement, Bingo was born.

Lowe hired the math professor Carl Leffler to design the first 6000 Bingo cards. His job was to use a specific system to ensure that none of the combinations repeated themselves and then to fill in each of the cards by hand. Legend has it that Professor Leffler went mad after completing the task.

Don’t let the deep space BINGO online drive you crazy. All you have to do is play and – hopefully – win!

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