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Art Bandits

Game description:

Three professional thieves on an illustrious mission! Their job is to free world famous paintings from their prison – the museum. Don’t stray onto the crooked path: Help the three bandits out and share the loot.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1 - 15

Symbols: 10

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  • Art Bandits,
  • Art Bandits,
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At first glance, Art Bandits looks and feels like a conventional slot machine – that is, until you crack the bonus round. Then it starts to get really wild and you meet three new online friends that really steal the show.


The heroes of this one-armed bandit slot machine are a very unusual breed of art experts. Their idea of art appreciation is more than a little off the wall: They visit museums to ‘borrow’ valuable pieces of art. When a generous client hires this trio, he is sure to receive the exact painting he’s been looking for, even from the best secured museums! Almost no security system presents a challenge to the clever thieves in this slot machine game. The scene of the crime is none less than the Paris Louvre. This slot machine’s unusual bonus game breaks you into a tough online job: To deliver your first order, you have to steal a painting. A generous reward for your skills and intuition awaits you at our online casino!


At first glance, Art Bandits looks like a conventional slot machine. It consists of 5 reels on which you can play up to 15 paylines. In addition to the win chances alone, five wild symbols and other surprises make for tonnes of fun at our legal online casino. The special symbols are made up of our three art thieves, their potential accomplices – Rabbit, Fox and Raccoon – along with the Louvre, the museum’s Security Guard, the stolen paintings and, last but not least, Koala the Fence. The three robbers looking for the stolen paintings commissioned fulfil the very same function as the museum security guard and the paintings. They initially act as jokers in this video slot machine game. Because our burglars are thick as thieves, they always appear together on all of the reels online, i.e. all three, each over the other. The jokers substitute every other symbol in a payline, with the exception of scatters and bonus symbols. If five of them appear on an active payline, you receive 5000 times your single bet for that same payline at our certified online casino!

Our trio’s visiting cards work like scatters on this slot machine: If three or more of them appear, the winnings increase by between 5 and 200 times. The most unusual symbol here is the Louvre itself. It is truly worthwhile to wait for it, because if it appears at least three times, you get free online games. Here you have to accompany our robbers on their next burglary. First you select a method for taking out the security guard: ice bomb, stun grenade or gas. Then you have to localise the room in which the objet d’art is to be found. The raccoon cracks the door code for you, and the rabbit steals the painting you have chosen. And now comes the really interesting part: a round of free spins. First there are 15 slot machine spins with an initial multiplier of one. In this mode, you will come across familiar symbols with new functions. The museum symbol gives you an additional free spin, and combinations of the current stolen painting increase the multiplier by one respectively. These symbols can appear repeatedly when you play online, which can lead to over 20 free spins with very profitable multipliers. At the end of the bonus round, you meet the fence, Koala, who pays out your winnings.

On top of all that, you can also use the button at the lower right after every spin you win to gamble online on and increase your winnings by predicting the colour of the next card revealed. If you redraw and pick the right colour again, you double your winnings, and so on.

Do you want a slot machine that offers you adventure and great chances to win? Then break in to try your hand as an art thief, and play the Art Bandits online slot machine!

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