Amerikanisches Roulette

Game description:

The classic American roulette system with two zeros is one of the most popular games worldwide.

Game details:


Welcome to the table games section of our online casino! And what casino would be complete without the game of kings? We even offer you three different forms of legal Roulette – and that’s what it’s all about here. American Roulette differs from the European version mainly in that it has one additional pocket, namely the double zero. The numbers on the Roulette wheel are also arranged a bit differently, and there are no differences in the payoffs for inside bets. Inside bets? What that means will become clear in the explanation to follow. Even if you haven’t yet been in a ‘real’ casino, you have probably already come across the principle of the game somewhere. The goal of online Roulette is simply to place playing chips on a number or group of numbers on the game table (layout). Then the roulette wheel at the online casino is set into motion, a ball is thrown in. and our croupier calls ‘No more bets, please!’ in order to let you know that no more bets will be taken for that round. With American Roulette, you will simply have to do without the traditional ‘Rien ne vas plus!’. C’est la vie. That’s life!


When the roulette wheel spins, the ball eventually lands in one of the numbered 38 pockets. If one of your chips matches the corresponding number or group of numbers, you win. Logically, the smaller the group of numbers, the higher the payout. A single winning number yields 35 times the placed bet. You, of course, also get your original bet back. The chips can be found at the lower right. These are bought at their corresponding value and can then be placed as a bet when you play roulette online. Once you have placed your bets, press ‘spin’. That is the command for the croupier to set the wheel in motion. Once the ball is rolled out, the dolly on the table marks the lucky number, and you can – with luck – collect your winnings. In the following rounds, you can either continue playing online with the same bet, you can double your bet on the same number(s), or place a completely new bet. You can also see the last 12 winning numbers in the narrow display on the left side. And what might sound like a risky (cold) or lucrative (hot) bet really has nothing to do with temperature. This display simply shows the numbers that have come up most or least frequently over the last few rounds. When you play roulette online, these hot and cold numbers make it possible for you to calculate which number is theoretically due to come up (hot), or which are more likely to take a break (cold). But you shouldn’t place your complete confidence in those odds.


At the online casino, the game table – or layout – is separated into an inner and outer area. This is where the terms ‘inside bet’ and ‘outside bet’ originate. At first glance, the American variation looks the same as European Roulette. When you play Roulette online, the chips for an inside bet are placed directly on a number, or on the line between two or four numbers, which places your bet on all of the numbers touched by your chips. Your bet is then split between the corresponding numbers. Example: If you bet €1 on 12/15 and the ball lands on either the 12 or the 15, you win 50 cents (and get 50 cents of your placed bet back). With an outside bet, you place your chips on the outer areas of the layout, and thus across the board on the corresponding groups of numbers, for example, on all red or all black, all even or all odd, on any one number within a group of a dozen, on a column or on the first 18 or last 18 numbers. In addition to inside and outside bets, you can also place a bet on neighbours when you play Roulette online. The button ‘Neighbour Bets’ leads you to a corresponding selection menu. There you can stipulate how many direct neighbours you want to bet on and then select that number on the wheel. So, enough palaver. Maybe you should go for a spin or two on the wheel, and then you will see how everything works when you play online Roulette. An exact breakdown of the payouts for each of the inside and outside bets and what they mean is set out for you in the table below.

Bet Name Winning Pockets Payout
Inside Bets
Single any single number (0-36) 35:1
Split any two adjoining numbers, vertical or horizontal 17:1
Trio 0/1/2 or 0/00/2 or 00/2/3 11:1
Street three consecutive numbers in the same row 11:1
Corner/ Square four numbers that all meet at one corner 8:1
Top Line 0/00/1/2/3 6:1
Six Line six consecutive numbers on two neighbouring lines 5:1
einfache Chancen
Column one number from within the selected vertical column of twelve numbers 2:1
Dozen a number within the selected 1st, 2nd or 3d 12 numbers 2:1
Even/ Odd any even or any odd number 1:1
Low/ High either the 1st 18 or last 18 numbers 1:1
Red/Black any red or any black number 1:1

*Odds of 1:1 means that the winning sum is the same as the placed bet. You also receive the bet you originally placed back. 35:1 means that the winning sum is 35 times the placed bet, which is why odds of 35:1 results in a payout that is 36 times the placed bet, i.e. winning sum + placed bet.

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