Admiral Nelson

Game description:

A British national hero as a slot machine game in an online casino? As far as we can tell, Horatio Nelson would definitely have been amused at being the theme of a slot machine. After all, the famous Admiral is known to have been somewhat less than modest (with all due respect, Sir!) – a characteristic that the game manufacturer Amatic has integrated in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner. Admiral Nelson is a traditional slot machine that is not only pleasing to the eye. With its lucrative Bonus mode and a bit of luck, it can also trigger a tidal wave of coins.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 10

Symbols: 9 plus Wild, Scatter and Bonus


The dark blue sky above the night ocean and the gold of the Royal Navy lend the reels of Admiral Nelson an elegant ambience. As befitting the rhythm of the waves, this slot machine makes do with very few acoustic effects. Along with the sound of the rotating reels, a ship’s bell is heard now and then, and this casino game in Amatic Slots style cordially invites you to gamble to the cadence of a march. Among the symbols of this ONLINE slot machine game are Lord Nelson’s companion Lady Hamilton, the ship’s anchor of the Victory and his favourite decoration, ‘The Most Honourable Order of the Bath’, which he purportedly never even took off for bed. As Nelson’s flagship and bonus symbol, the HMS Victory sails fully rigged over the reels. The marine hero himself serves as a wild symbol. He replaces everything except the ship and the ship’s canon, which serves as a scatter symbol and, in combination with the Admiral, presents you with a nice extra win at the online casino.


If three Victory symbols appear in front of the notch at the same time following a spin, 10 free spins await you. In this mode, the sailing ship operates as another joker. During the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, Nelson is known to have risked everything ─ He won victory for England but was also mortally wounded. You don’t have to go quite that far in this game, but nevertheless: In gamble mode and under the motto “all or nothing”, you can double each of your wins several times over. This also works in automatic game mode, provided you have previously activated the ‘gamble’ option (the blue button below the reels).


Admiral Nelson is one of the popular ‘Penny Slots’ with which one can gamble for a bet of exactly 1 cent. Nevertheless, you are better off keeping to the basic settings of 10 pre-set paylines and a bet at least € 0.10. It’s not imperative, but it does offer you the best odds. You can change the number of pay lines either by clicking on the corresponding button or on the payline display at the margin. The maximum bet is € 1.00.


Even though he was awarded the highest rank in the British Navy, Admiral Nelson was anything but seaworthy. When asked what best helped him with seasickness, England’s most famous nautical hero is supposed to have answered, ‘The surest cure for seasickness is to lie down under an apple tree.” Assuming the weather allows and you have a mobile device, that is probably the most relaxing solution, even today.