Absolute Fruit

Game description:

Visit the King’s garden and pick the precious fruits from the royal tree. If you are lucky, the king goes nuts while you are visiting and his kingdom of fruits - namely his jackpot - is handed down to you.

Game details:

Reels: 5

Lines: 1-25

Symbols: 10


5x Wild bei maximalem Einsatz

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Absolute Fruit

In the good old casino days, the fruit slot machine was the mother of all slot machines. According to the motto: Get the same fruits in a line several times and you will win. Okay, the prototype worked perfectly fine with only three reels. But the world of slot machines never stands still. So there are amazing five reels at Absolute Fruit and an entertaining picking feature. You can win big time when you play Absolute Fruit online.

But let’s take one at a time. As already mentioned Absolute Fruit is a slot game that runs five reels. There are 25 pay lines in total. Choose the number of lines you want to bet on and the wager per line - and let the fruits spin. There are five standard fruits - water melons, grapes, plums, strawberries and cherries. And on top of it, there are two super fruits - the fancy lime and the royal orange. In our online casino all symbols win with at least three hits lined up on a selected pay line. Our super fruits also win in a mixed lime-orange-cocktail.

Slot Machine with Fruit King, Bet-Max and Jackpot

The fruit king is your joker when you play online. It replaces any fruit on a pay line. Besides you’ll win 2,000 times your bet when you get five jokers on your selected pay line. It gets even better when you have selected the Bet-Max option. Then the jackpot is yours!

If Bet-Max and jackpot is all Greek to you, no worries. The jackpot is progressive which means a small percentage of the Absolute Fruit players’ bet goes to the jackpot. With the Bet-Max option you select all pay lines and play with the maximum amount of coins.

Slot Game with Scatter Symbols, Picking and Risk Features

This slot machine offers you even more bonus features. The fruit basket is your scatter symbol. When this symbol shows up at least three times on an active pay line, you’ll win your bet multiplied by a certain factor.The more baskets, the higher that factor.

The picking bonus feature is started when the royal shields appear on position 1 and 5 on an active line. Then the royal fruit tree grows from these seeds. Start picking the fruits with the fruit king! Each of you has a basket you have to fill online. For every fruit you’ll gain a prize. However, you just see the value of the king’s basket, not your own one. When the picking is over, the king of slot games and fruits makes you choose: Either you keep your fruit basket (its value is unknown to you) or you take the king’s fruit basket (its value is displayed).

When you win (in standard rounds, too), you can risk everything by taking a fifty-fifty chance. Just click online on the risk button and bet on the colors Red or Black. The Random Number Generator will draw from a deck of 52 cards. Your last winning will double, when the color you bet on is drawn. You can bet as long as the right color is drawn or you decide to take your winnings. Be careful: If the wrong color is drawn, you’ll lose everything.

So, let’s do it! Get the slot machine spinning, pick with the king and win the jackpot while playing Absolute Fruit online.

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